The challenges of other companies are our goals.


We build strong partnerships based on trust and professionalism, in the benefit of all, promoting solid principles for a society in continuous development.


Professionalism, Spirit of Initiative, Trust and Innovation.


The long term objective is to impose a prestigious brand in Romania and to become the number once company in customers’ preferences.

Who we are?

‘Chess is played in your mind and not on the table in front of you. If you play only what you see, you will never win. To excel in chess and in any other field, you have to imagine. You have to see beyond what is before you.’ (Howard Roughan, American author)

Like in a chess game that requires strategic thinking, analysis, planning and ability to anticipate, the vision and power of decision underlie everything that RECREX means, our values being also transmitted towards the customers. We believe that the experience is gained through professionalism, trust and loyalty, and this is why we are motivated to maintain the highest standards.